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Who we are

Institute of Global Responsibility (IGO) is an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Warsaw, Poland. It was established in 2007 and since that time has been focusing on development policy issues, development education and cooperation with partners in the South.

We are not an ordinary organisation. We are not a think-thank, although we discuss and analyse development policy issues and publish findings of our research. We are not a professional service-delivery NGO, most of us however have a strong professional background in leading Polish development and educational organisations. We aren’t either an association of volunteers although much of our work relies on activism.

We do however strive to benefit from the advantages of all these three types of organisations without having their respective disadvantages. It enables the organisation to develop in a sustainable way and ensures high quality of work and strongly motivated team members.

IGO often works in partnership with other organisations. In accordance with its mission IGO offers others its experience and expertise through its contribution to public debates on global issues.

IGO conducts research and translates it into practise through advocacy work, public awareness raising, trainings and publications.

Most of IGO team members combine personal experience from their work in the South with the skills needed to conduct public awareness raising, advocacy work and development education.

IGO is a full member of Grupa Zagranica (the Polish platform of development NGOs) and a partner of specialisation of the Peace and Development Studies at the Tischner European University (Krakow).

IGO team during an informal meeting

Our activities‭

The Institute of Global Responsibility‭ (‬IGO‭) ‬while conducing to‭ ‬public debate on the international responsibility of the Poles and as well as by promoting the idea of development with a human face,‭ ‬conducts the following activities:‭

  • Issues statements and comments dealing with current events and trends in the field of development assistance and global challenges
  • Conducts actions and campaigns which raise social awareness of development and international solidarity‭
  • Issues publications dedicated to current trends in the global development cooperation
  • Runs development education programs.‭

For more information on our activities, please see the What we do section.


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