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EPAs (Economic Partnership Agreements)

Institute of Global Responsibility‭ (‬IGO‭) joins the campaign on EPAs. On our Polish pages, you can read more in Polish about EPAs and sign a letter to Angela Merkel directly through our system.

As German presidency ended in June, this action is closed now. We prepare similar action directed to Portuguese Prime Minister Socrates to use his influence during the Portuguese presidency of the EU to make these trade agreements fair. To take action now, visit the web site.

Take action now

While you are reading this text, the European Union is exerting pressure on 75 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries in order to force them to sign unjust trade agreements. Your action is needed to change approach of the EU and its member countries. Please write to Angela Merkel and ask her to listen to the voice of the poor in the Global South.

The current EU proposal of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) will result in decrease of income of millions of people in the poorest countries of the world. The negotiations are reaching a critical phase right now and that is why it is the high time to draw the EU attention to the fact that EPAs should focus on reduction of poverty.

Your action is needed in order to change the position of the European Union and its member states. Germany now leads the EU presidency. Please send a message to Mrs Angela Merkel, the Geman Chancellor, who will be meeting with heads of European states. Ask her to listen to the voice of the poor and to use her influence to change the EU's trade policy. Let the partnership agreements be based on the principle of social justice and help the poor people to overcome poverty!

Write a message to Angela Merkel!‭

Dear Chancellor Angela Merkel,

During 2007 you have enormous influence on the world stage as holder of the European Union (EU) Presidency and as host of the G8. You have said that you will focus on genuine partnership between poor countries and the EU.

During your EU Presidency you have a historic opportunity to use your influence to make sure that EU trade policy promotes poverty reduction and sustainable development in some of the world's poorest countries.

Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) are being negotiated between the European Union and 75 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. By pressuring poor countries to open their markets to unfair competition, the EU's current proposals will increase rather than reduce poverty.

These free trade agreements could trap millions of people in poverty, cripple developing countries' fledgling industries and oblige governments to surrender control of their own economies and natural resources.

ACP countries have repeatedly voiced their concerns about the likely negative impact of the proposed deals on their economies.

Germany has many opportunities to help eradicate international poverty in 2007. We ask that you use your EU Presidency to influence EU Member States and the European Commission to

Yours sincerely,

Send a message in English at!

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